builds for nazaruX and Ubuntu forks [amd64]

hot corners       


Hot Corners and Exposé for nazaruX

Screen Hot Corners and composited Exposé-like window picker for nazaruX, Ubuntu(s) (20.04) XFCE and LXDE bringing together Leinnan's lwa-hot-corners and the abandoned great Skippy-XD. With Lubuntu replace Toggle Desktop default  command with xdotool key super+d . Configuration in the setting panel.

Should work on every Ubuntu XFCE and LXDE fork from Bionic (18.04) to current release.

Main - for Ubuntus: hot-corners-xd_1.0.7_amd64.deb

Compiled with libjpeg62 for compatibility: hot-corners-xd_1.0.7-jpg62_amd64.deb




nazaruX Applications Launcher

Lightweight Applications Launcher for Ubuntu(s) similar to MacOs launchpad.
Tested with LXDE, XFCE, GNOME, BUDGIE, MATE and CINNAMON, from Trusty to Disco, including Linux Mint. Not suitable for KDE.

download: nazarapps_18_amd64.deb



nazarapps styler

nazarapps styler changes the look and fell of the nazarapps launcher.

More than 50 nazarapps styles available.
Links the MATE and CINNAMON applications menu so that changes made by a menu editor can be reflected on the nazarapps panel.
Provides an alternative optimized applications menu file.
Includes command line advanced options through terminal to deal with .desktop files:  nazarappstyler --help
Requires nazarapps.

download: nazarappstyler_18.0.4_amd64.deb



ffmpeg static build - should work on every Ubuntu fork

from Trusty (14.04) to current release (Disco - 19.04)

Included libs:

    - pic
    - fontconfig
    - frei0r
    - libaom
    - libass
    - avisynth
    - libfribidi
    - libfdk-aac
    - libfreetype
    - libmp3lame
    - libopencore-amrnb
    - libopencore-amrwb
    - libopenjpeg
    - libopus
    - libsoxr
    - libspeex
    - libtheora
    - libvidstab
    - libvo-amrwbenc
    - libvorbis
    - libvpx
    - libwebp
    - libx264
    - libx265
    - libxvid
    - libzimg

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